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Tom Booth was born on september 30 1969 to parents Tom (Sr) and Donna. His father left for Viet nam 1 month before his birth and didnt see him until he was 8 months of age. Born in Watertown NY, right in between northern NY's 1000 Islands region and the adirondack mts. Tom always enjoys the outdoors, especially the water. He has a natural talent for music and had some moderate success in the late 80's - early 90's. Always being his own worst enemy, he was kicked out of school at age 17. It wasnt till age 30 that he was diagnosed and began treatment for bipolar disorder. It was this very disorder that flamed his creativaty, and one day.... just like that he decided he wanted to paint.
  Starting with cheap brushes and student grade acrylic, and no training. He began painting the thing he loved most next to music.... water. Growing up in Watertown put him right where the great lakes (lake Ontario) meet the St. Lawrance Seaway. He began buying better paints and brushes as his skills grew. He now favors Oils, over acrylic but continiues painting with both. Tom prefers to paint in the wet on wet style.

Tom is Listed in the World Artist Directory,

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painting, oil, acrylic, seascapes, landscapes, nature, abstract, astronomy, boating, christian, cityscape, country life, fantasy, farm, fish, inspirational, landscape, mountains, mystical, new age, nudes, religious, scenic, sea life, seascape, seasons, sky, still life, trees, visionary, western, wildlife, world culture


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